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Students will have a lot of time to read over break and I encourage parents to take a few moments to talk to your child about their library book. Students of all ages benefit from reading together with their families!

All student books are due on their first library class in January. If a student forgets a book, there is no fine, but if a student has lost or seriously damaged a book by mistake, the student and their family will be responsible for covering the cost of the material.

Wishing everyone in the Gladstone community a relaxing break and a joyful holiday season!

~Ms. O'Kane

Join us in the library this Wednesday (Dec. 12) from 6:30 to 7:30 in the evening! We will be reading "Just Like Home" by Elizabeth I. Miller in both English and Spanish and showing parents and students a new reading comprehension strategy. 

Venga con su familia a la biblioteca el 12 de diciembre de 6:30 a 7:30 de la tarde! Vamos a leer "Como en mi tierra," escrito por Elizabeth I. Miller y mostrar a los padres e estudiantes una strategia de comprehension nueva.

Passport Stamps
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Join Ms. O'Kane and other families in the Gladstone Library Media Center on Thursday, December 6th at 6pm as we take a tour of France compliments of the Cranston Family Center. We'll explore the music, language, history, art and more! At the end of the night you'll be able to add another (or first) stamp to your passport. 

Hope to see you there!